Whether its clearing out leaves from the gutters so you don’t get water in the roof, or keeping the weeds down in the garden so they don’t get out of control – we all know that maintaining your home is important.

Roofs are one of the most important parts of a house, but because they are hard to work on they are often left poorly -maintained. Don’t leave it too late. You should get your roof checked regularly and clean off the pollution, chemicals and animal droppings that are all up there eating away at the roof coating.

Maintaining the integrity of the roof coating is critical in maintaining the integrity of your roof overall. Remember every single day your roof battles with the sun, the rain, the heat, the UV radiation and the environment.

A Metal roof needs a coating on it or it will rust, a tile roof needs a coating on it or it will break down. The cleaner you keep your roof, the slower that breaking down process takes hold.

Eventually all roofs need to be restored or replaced. The longer you can maintain your roof in a good state, the longer it will be until you need to do a restoration or reroof.


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1) To keep your home energy efficient

Dirty roofs attract more heat, whereas a clean roof reflects heat. This may mean that in the warmer months you will find yourself using your air conditioning system more than is ideal. If you keep your roof clean, your home will be a more comfortable temperature, improving your home’s energy efficiency and saving you money on your power bills.

With some advanced roof coatings like Nutech NXT – the coating itself is actually scientifically proven to reflect more heat due to its chemical structure – much more than normal paint. By using some of these high-tech products you can even further reduce your cooling bills in summer.


2) To keep your household healthy

Mould and fungi left unattended growing on your roof can spread into your home, which can be costly to both your wallet and health to fix. Mould in particular can cause a number of health issues including allergies, respiratory problems and asthma. 


3) To keep your roof in good condition

Leaving debris and rot on your roof can seriously affect its condition and cause a number of problems including damage to waterproofing, cracks, stains and leaks. If your gutters are full of plant matter they can act as a dam and push water over the gutter and into the roof in a big downpour. The plant matter also breaks down and causes chemicals to eat away at your roof coatings or the gutters as well. Insects love plant matter and will build nests in leaf litter, which can lead to insect infestation in the home like spiders or ants.


4) To keep your property value up

First impressions count! The kerbside street appeal of your home can play a huge role in the value of your property. A clean home, including your roof, boosts the attractiveness and appeal to potential buyers. Not only that, but a roof that has not been well looked after can be a deal breaker for buyers who are looking for a home that they won’t need to invest any more money into after purchase.


5) To keep your money in the bank

Like most things in life, the prevention is better than the cure and your home is no different.

A well-maintained roof will save you from having to repair or replace it earlier than expected.  Save yourself some money in the long term by making sure you are taking good care of your roof.

Always get professional help and remember you get what you pay for. Don’t use a handyman! Get a professional qualified tradesman to do it right first time. It will cost a little more in the short term but save you a lot more in the long term.

Remember your most valuable asset is your home and in your home you have all of the most valuable things you own. The roof protects everything that you value.

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