Tile Roof Restoration 

Enjoy a trouble-free tile roof for the next 10 years guaranteed

The condition of your roof can be a major determining factor of the value of your property.

Think about it – you wouldn’t want to buy a home if the roof tiles were all rusted and chipped away, yet most of us are not aware of the condition of our roof until a huge problem appears. Seriously, when was the last time you got out a ladder and had a look at the current state of your roof?

 But it’s not just the appearance of your roof that you should be thinking about. Your roof is actually designed to protect your home and your family from the harsh Australian conditions. A tile roof that is in poor condition can not only be unsafe, but can have a massive impact on your energy consumption and power bills.

 For these reasons, many home owners see the benefits in getting a professional tile roof renovation performed.


How we will make your home great again with a tile roof restoration

Our expert restoration service is a multi-stage process that is guaranteed to have your tile roof not only looking incredible, but also working to protect your home, family, and wallet for years to come. The team at MHI Roofing starts by repairing all the broken, split, or chipped tiles as well as any loose ridge caps. Once the roof is back to its structural best, we further elevate its functional and cosmetic qualities by applying a new weather resistant coat of paint at a colour of your choice. This complete approach to roof restorations is guaranteed to make your roof look attractive and increase the life span of your roof tiles, thus increasing the value of your whole house.

We only use specially designed and manufactured roof tile coatings by Nutech which form the leading roof coating system available on the market today. Nutech coatings actively work to protect your roof from the elements and lower the level of heat retention of your property – that means energy cost savings for you!

Their premium range of roof coatings have won many awards and are CSIRO-tested. There is simply no better alternative on the market. With our tile roof restoration Brisbane and Northern NSW service, we guarantee you’ll enjoy a trouble-free tile roof for years to come.

In fact, we offer a full 10-year warranty on workmanship and you can click here to view the industry leading warranty available on the Nutech roof coating system on every tile roof restoration Brisbane and Northern NSW wide.

Do you have a home with an old terracotta tile roof? We can help!

Roof restoration work is especially necessary for homes with terracotta tile roofs. Although undeniably beautiful, the strength of terracotta tiles often becomes compromised after many years spent under the harsh Aussie sun.

Coating and treating your old terracotta roof tiles will make your roof look attractive and increase the life span of the tiles, thus increasing the value of your property. The good news is, with a terracotta tile roof renovation, there is no need to completely replace a mould ridden roof.

At MHI Roofing, we have developed a unique restoration and maintenance service for terracotta roofs. We only use a unique roof sealant by Nutech called Terra-Glaze. This sealant is specially formulated for terracotta tiles to make your tiles shine like new and drastically reduce mould regrowth for many years.

Get your tile roof back to its former glory

When it comes to roof restorations, MHI Roofing are the roofing contractors Brisbane and Northern NSW residents have trusted for years. If your tile roof has seen better days, make sure to get in touch with MHI roofing for high quality roofing services, including an incredible tile roof restoration. Give our friendly and knowledgeable team a call today at 07 3808 0700 or fill out our online contact form.

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Tile Roof Restoration – bringing an old tile roof back to life

Watch how we transform this tile roof from drab to fab!

Authorised Nutech Applicators

A tile roof restoration is only as good as the coatings used by the contractor.

At MHI Roofing, we only ever use Nutech Roof coatings, so you can be sure your roof restoration has been finished to the highest of standards. Nutech is Australia’s largest and oldest roof coating specialists. Their premium range of roof coatings has been proven to actively reduce interior temperatures by reflecting the heat away from your roof.

There is simply no better alternative on the market. This means you’ll enjoy a trouble free roof for many years to come.


For more info about Nutech, click Here to download the Nutech coatings brochure.

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