Improving Curb Appeal with Professional Roof Restoration

When we think of curb appeal ideas, it’s natural to focus on what we see most easily – such as condition and finish on the walls, the quality of window treatments, landscaping, and even the look of the driveway. These are very important, but for nearly all houses and commercial structures, it’s really the roof that brings it all together. In many cases, it’s almost half of the visible exterior.

A roof in poor shape is very hard to hide – and the way it looks is the way it is. A bad roof is easy to spot. A good roof brings everything up to a new level. Let’s look at how we can go about improving curb appeal with a great roof.

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Curb Appeal Ideas and Roof Restoration


Repairs Come First

Before a roof can look great, it has to be strong and sound. Roofs get a lot of wear with wind and rain – and especially in the intense sunlight of our Australian climate. A quick recoat or repaint won’t last long if the roof surface is deteriorating, and the damage will not even be hidden very well.

Improving curb appeal should always start with the repairs and restoration that the roof surface and structure need. The professional roofing contractor you choose should be proficient and equipped to handle whatever repairs turn out to be required.


Is it Time to Upgrade?

When planning a roof renovation, it’s worth considering whether the roof should be upgraded to a newer design and materials. There will never be an easier time to do this than when everything is in place for a renovation. This is particularly true for older roofs – some vintage roofing materials are no longer available, so an upgrade may be unavoidable.

However, since roofs are usually only renovated at fairly long intervals, it’s likely that newer and better will have come to market since the last work was done on buildings of any age. Even if a roof can be rebuilt as original, it is often advisable and cost-effective to make upgrades.


Use the Best Materials

To get the most out of a roof renovation, choose the most advanced materials you can afford. Most residential roofs have been built with asphalt shingles – they’ve given good service for decades and are pretty much the industry standard, but alternatives made from updated and engineered materials are available that will outperform and outlast. Synthetic asphalt shingles are a big improvement in durability, fire resistance, and ease of installation.

Treated wood shingles and even rubber shingles are offered that are much more durable and weatherproof than in the past. Steel roofing is a major step – it raises costs and poses issues of roof weight, but the results can be very attractive, and durability is tops. It pays to look at all options and alternatives.


Let The Light In

How about a skylight? It’s a great way to brighten up any interior and bring interest and appeal inside and out. Complex skylights may be built onsite, but in most cases pre-built skylights will be up to the task.

They come in all shapes and sizes and can be dropped right in. Skylights are excellent for improving curb appeal in almost any situation. They’re used more and more in homes and businesses, but they are still an unusual feature, and will definitely set your property apart from others in the local market.


Add a Terrace

You may be able to create a rooftop terrace – a sure way to make your property stand out and gather admiring looks from passers-by. It will provide a new and exciting space – for entertaining or gardening, or for relaxing with family and friends.

These are particularly appropriate curb appeal ideas in dense urban and semi-urban areas where you may be looking for additional outdoor space. Especially if you already have a flat or low-pitch roof to convert, you could be well on the way to a charming and very attractive addition.


Go Solar

When it’s time to renovate a roof, it can be a great time to install solar panels. Rebates and incentives are available from the government, and aside from the cost savings, your home or business will gain an up-to-date feature that goes about improving curb appeal and value across the board.

There’s no need to deal with separate companies for roofing and solar – consult with a My Home Group roofing contractor to find out how you could integrate this improvement with your roof renovation. We are roofing experts, so you can depend on all of our work being done to the highest standard and performed with the highest level of professionalism – from roofing to solar panels, and so much more.

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