You may not realise it, but your roof needs to be regularly inspected and maintained to prevent any major issues from occurring prematurely. Think about it – your roof is constantly exposed to the elements, which slowly cause wear and tear. Many people don’t even know where to begin when it comes to roof inspections and maintenance. We’ve broken down for you how often your roof needs to be inspected both professionally and DIY, and what to look out for when inspecting your roof.


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DIY Inspections

You should conduct a DIY inspection of your roof every 6 – 12 months and after any major weather events. The best way is to get up on your roof so you can look closely, however we know not everyone is comfortable doing this. The other option is to use a ladder and stand as close to the top as possible, making your way around the edges of the roof to inspect it from all angles. Ensure you are being safe. Look up for power lines when you have a ladder and have someone holding your ladder on the ground to keep it stable. Remember – if in doubt get a roofer out.

It can be difficult to know what you’re looking for if you’re not a professional roofer, so we have put this list together to make it easier for you:

  • Broken or cracked tiles, especially watercourses
  • Cracked ridge cappings
  • Split flashings on gables
  • General deterioration of tile surface (faded/worn or discoloured looking)
  • Ridge cap beddings falling out
  • Holes or splits around penetrations (eg. Ventpipes)
  • Tiles slipping into valleys
  • Cracked, splitting or falling down gable timbers
  • Squeaking or not moving whirly birds
  • Rusted or split skylight flashings
  • Blocked gutters and downpipes
  • Leaves and debris in valleys
  • Mould or rust on surface
  • Lead head nails fallen off
  • Screws not screwed all the way down or with no seal underneath
  • Rusted screws
  • Rust stains running down the roof
  • Loose laps of sheets
  • Perished or cracked silicone joins

If you notice any of these issues, or are unsure, then it’s a good idea to call a professional in to conduct a thorough inspection. Never ignore any of these problems! If left untreated, they could lead to even further damage.


When should you have your roof professionally inspected?

A good rule of thumb is to get a professional to have a look at it regularly. We recommend every 3 years for a tile roof and every 5 years for a metal roof. The old adage “prevention is better than cure” definitely applies to a roof. Sometimes a person who knows what they are looking for can pick issues early and prevent them from becoming a real problem.

If you are not sure or you notice any of the signs we mentioned in this article, get a professional out straight away and let them do a thorough inspection for you. Once they inspect your roof, they will be able to tell you what the issues are (if any) and of course, the best course of action.

Even if your roof has no visible issues, it is a good idea to have it inspected regularly for any hidden problems. No roof lasts forever but the more attention you give it, the longer it will serve you and your family well.




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